Mobile Event Casino

All fun, no cash! We deliver the exquisite Casino Royale feeling to you. Immerse with us into the world of James Bond, feel the thrills of the iridescent Las Vegas or let yourself be enchanted by the charms of Monte Carlo. Experience in community with your guests a memorable casino evening with Roulette, Black Jack, Poker and Craps. There is no risk at all! Because our mobile casino events are all about exciting entertainment, never about cash. But nevertheless one can win. Let yourself be inspired by our offers and bestow your evening with 'this special thrill'.

The art of gambling

We’ve already had long and intensive discussions about the idea to play the classic casino games like Poker, Black Jack or Roulette without stakes and payout of money during our professional career at Casinos Austria. The games are great fun, are amusing and all have a special kick. Solely the stakes are mostly pressing the humor.

Therefore, why not disregarding the money and instead of it giving priority to show and fun? Admittedly, this thought was a new one, but was realizable for us in a simple and fast manner. So, we’ve decided after more than ten years of our time at the Casinos Austria to quit our job and start our own business with this new idea.

The idea of 'All fun – No cash' was well received and in the meanwhile we in common with our partners and guests are pleased with more than 250 casino events per year.

Share with us the art of gambling! We will be delighted to meet you!

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